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Week of August 3 – Blasting Operations

Blasting operations on the north side of the new bridge will begin the week of August 3rd. Roughly 15 separate 10-minute blasts will be needed to complete the work. The blasting will be conducted on weekdays for approximately 3 weeks; the target time for the blasts is between 1:30-2:00 pm. The contractor will need 5 minutes to verify clear lanes of travel. To ensure travelers’ safety, rolling roadblocks will be implemented on I91 in each direction. Sound impacts associated with the blasting will be minimal. More details to follow.


An alternate route for the West River Trail that provides recreational use of the trail near the construction access road has been opened at the Marina Trailhead. Signage has been installed providing clear direction to recreational users of the trail. There are intersections between construction access and the trail; users are strongly encouraged to exercise extreme caution at these intersections. As an additional safety precaution, users of the West River Trail are reminded to keep pets on a leash when using the trail in this area.